Pollotarian Diet and its Health Benefits

Health always comes at first for being well. Without good health, you can’t enjoy anything in the world. When the is gone crazy with many strict diets, it is essential to find out the best and specific one for you. Not all diet plans are healthy and suitable for your health. If you are looking for different types of food combinations for healthy living, you can consider the Pollotarian diet. This is a vegetarian diet where consumption of meat allowed but not red meat. You can combine poultry meat along with vegetables and plant-based foods. So, this diet can also be called a semi-vegetarian diet.

What can be eaten and not eaten in Pollotarian diet?

You can eat all the plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, even healthy fats. It is better not to include dairy products and eggs. However, in some specific cases, people include dairy foods and fishes. Beef, pork, shellfish, are strictly prohibited in this diet.

What are the benefits of this diet?

There are several health benefits of following this diet. Some of them are discussed below-

  1. Decrease the risk of cancer

This diet can eliminate the risk of cancer. In a study, it has been found that eating red meat can be a threat to health and increase the chance of cancer. Following this dietary plan, the chance of cancer can be reduced to 20 percent. However, the intake of poultry should also be limited to overtime.

  1. Decrease the risk of a type of Diabetes

This diet is wholly accessible to people who have a high chance of having type 2 diabetes. The main reason for type 2 diabetes can be consuming too much sugar and processed or raw red meat. When the consumption of red meat can be reduced to a significant level, the risk of a type of Diabetes can also be reduced.

  1. Aids in weight loss

As you will be having plant-based foods mostly, which are high in fiber and water, you can quickly reduce weight easily following this diet. Where other diet plans come with many restrictions, this diet plan is designed to enjoy most of the type of food except red meat and dairy foods.

  1. Saves the environment

Growing plant-based foods requires less resources compared to growing animal-based foods. To grow up animal, one needs more land, water, and food for them. Where a plant-based diet is easier to grow and process. So, plant-based foods have less impact on the environment.

However, as this is a vegetarian diet, some important elements of foods might be missing from this diet plan. So, it is essential to make pollotarian diet chart very carefully. If you have any specific physical condition, it is better to consult with a doctor and modify your diet plan before following.

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