Lacto Vegetarians and Benefits of their Diet

Who are Lacto Vegetarians?

A lacto-vegetable diet is a unique form of vegetarianism. Lacto vegetarians do not only abstain from meat, but also from foods that are made using eggs. They can consume all other products derived from live animals, such as milk, dairy products, and honey. Vegetable foods such as fruits and vegetables can also be found on the menu of a lacto vegetarian.

Why do Lacto vegetarians forego eggs?

On the one hand, there are lacto vegetarians who do without eggs for moral reasons. On the other hand, some lacto vegetarians refuse to eat eggs to protect their health. For example, doctors advise people with type 2 diabetes with poorly adjusted blood values to restrain their egg consumption; otherwise, the cholesterol can crystallize. In many cases, this process causes life-threatening inflammation in the arterial walls—possible consequences: heart attack, stroke, or sudden cardiac death.

People with an LDL cholesterol level above 200 should also take measures when consuming eggs to prevent vascular calcification. Rheumatism patients are also advised not to eat eggs. Physicians even assume that a lacto-vegetable diet improves the general condition and relieves rheumatism symptoms (e.g., morning stiffness, joint pain, mouth, and eye dryness).

Do lacto vegetarians live healthier?

Those who eat without meat have lower blood pressure and fat levels and usually have a healthier body weight compared to non-vegetarians. Besides, the cancer death rate decreases. By abstaining from certain foods, diseases such as gout and diabetes can also be prevented.

Benefits of lacto vegetarian diet

The Lacto-vegetarian diet is full of benefits for health. This diet is loaded with nutritional value and good for health. Some major health benefits of this diet are-

1) Lacto-vegetarian diet is good for the heart. People who follow this diet plan always have a low chance of cardiovascular diseases. It keeps the blood pressure level normal. Nowadays, doctors also suggest patients follow this diet plan for those who have cardiovascular diseases.

2) This healthy diet ensures good cholesterol level on the body and eliminates the bad cholesterol levels. It also keeps the blood glucose level optimal. People who have diabetes and hormonal imbalance can always be benefitted following this diet plan. As this diet consists of leafy vegetables, fruits, and other plant-based proteins, it can provide necessary nutrition to the people.

3) The Lacto-vegetarian diet also helps in weight loss. Red meat is always a barrier to the weight loss process. When one takes enough fibers from vegetables and fruits, their necessity of nutrients met. These foods don’t only reduce the craving for food but also promote healthy weight loss.

Lacto Vegetarianism is Not For Everyone

The Lacto-vegetarian diet excludes eggs and all kinds of non-vegetarian foods. Those who tend to get all the nutrition from eggs and meats, this type of diet is risky for them. So, it is wise to plan the diet program carefully and provide enough food to the body.

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